the A team takes inspiration from my father’s life - his sense of freedom, unbridled love and joyful spirit - and from those who are performing it, younger generations and the burdens and questions they will carry into the coming years and decades. 

The interplay between these two ideas is explored using a slow methodical pace of movement and sound, bursts of laughter and solemn moments heavy with responsibility, all dressed in the colourful clothing of a defiant generation.

Dancers: AJ Ayson, Max Cull, Brian Dharmasiri, Laurianne Forget, Mathieu Hérard, Siobhan Larue, Shania Leblanc, Katherine Ng, Crystal Rosas, Maggie Shew, Mélanie Suarez, Jeanne Théroux-Laplante 

Sound Design: Jocelyn Todd

The creation and presentation of this work was generously supported by the Canada Council for the Art and Ottawa Dance Directive.