You’ve heard the story of Atlas, condemned to hold up the sky for    eternity? Metaphors ring true. Undeterred: we craved relief and found it only in time and light.

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light from a shattering shell

"a fleck of dust rises from a shattering shell

a cosmos within a cosmos within a cosmos… your infinity 

finally rising from the darkest well, exploding into sparks"

An attempt to explore consciousness - the memories and moments that arise in the mind from a deep place we barely understand. We use this space to explore, in the body, the unwinding of tightly wound conscious experience - what is unearthed or remembered when it all falls apart. The initial inspiration came from witnessing and researching the altered states of consciousness experienced in palliative care as dying minds approach a new reality. In creating the piece we explored care-taking, grief, confusion, memory, remorse and the entering and exiting of this reality.

light from a shattering shell was originally created in spring 2019 with mentorship from Yvonne Coutts (Artistic Director) and with dancers Amanda Bon, Alya Graham, Sarah Hopkin, Kay Kenney and Jessie LHôte. The initial creation and presentation of this piece in October 2021 were made possible by the generous support of Ottawa Dance Directive.