You’ve heard the story of Atlas, condemned to hold up the sky for    eternity? Metaphors ring true. Undeterred: we craved relief and found it only in time and light.


light from a shattering shell

to be held between shards of refracting light

inhaling echoes

empty space and molecular wind

melting time - aether thins

see me separate into a trillion living cells

in each one a galaxy 

where a million lives were woven

and in all - stillness - a dream.


to stretch a thread between two stars

and hear it fray and tear

for a hundred lightyears, for one second

seeing through a single carbon flare


a fleck of dust rises from a shattering shell

a cosmos within a cosmos within a cosmos… your infinity 

finally rising from the darkest well

exploding into sparks

light from a shattering shell was created through the support of Ottawa Dance Directive in spring 2019 with mentorship from Yvonne Coutts (Artistic Director) and with dancers Amanda Bon, Alya Graham, Sarah Hopkin, Kay Kenney and Jessie LHôte. The piece explores the experience of dying, desiring unconsciousness and escape and living in memory using set, text, movement and original musical score.